Monday, February 28, 2005

Hello and welcome!

This is the first and opening post of the Third Postionist Review. All posts made here will be a commentary on political and social issues from the perspective of the ideology of Third Positionism. So begin with, what is Third Positionism?

Well Third Positionism basically calls for a break between the two mainstream political perspectives, mainly Left and Right. Third Positionism holds that these concepts are outdated and a new way is needed in politics. It stands oppose to both Capitalism and Communism, favoring Third Way economics; which basically favors small business, private ownership on a wide scale, and community co-operative organizations(like guilds) against both corporate monopolies and control by the state. It stands against the materialism and cultural degeneracy of modern society, in favor of a return to traditional values built on spirituality. Opposed to cosmopolitanism and globalization, Third Positionism stands for the preservation of local cultures and the diversity of ethnic identities(ethno-pluralism).that's pretty much a basic outline of Third Positionist thinking.

Im not an idealouge in the strict sense of the word, I incorporate elements from many ideologies. But the basic concept of Third Positionist(or Third Way) politics certainly provides the framework for my ideological outlook.

So enjoy!