Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I must be a prophet or something!

As you may remembered in my previous post, I predicted that the terrorist attacks in London would be used as a pretext for building up new security measures to fight terrorism. Well today Tony Blair urged the European Union to do just that! As Reuters reported today, Blair believes the EU should "overcome civil liberties concerns and agree to new anti-terrorism measures such as the compulsory storage of phone and Internet usage records." I must be a prophet or something! *Note: I'm being sarcastic, I do not believe I am a prophet, indeed this happens like clockwork every time.

The good news is there's some opposition to the plan. Oddly enough it comes from Kathalijne Buitenweg, whose a member of the Dutch Green party (so yes Europe's only hope for now seems to come from dope-smoking hippies, jolly good!). As she stated, "the right to privacy is not a holy right. Of course you can infringe privacy, but there needs to be good reason for it." Yes, which is why(at least in the American context) there are regulations on how and when police are given the power to infringe on privacy. For example, police need to obtain a warrant and tell a judge why they need to do this and what information they're trying to obtain. It helps make sure that the police don't cross the line. Many of these new security measures want to make it easier for police to bend the rules, which usually does not help in preventing terrorist attacks anyways.

Even worse is that Tony Blair and the British government refuses to address the very thing that made these attacks possible, the large number of Islamic immigrants flooding into Britain! Blair has threatened to deport extreme Islamic preachers, but insists that Islam is not the problem. In a previous post, I argued that the multi-culturalist agenda that the so many in the establishment are addicted to simply does not work. You cannot possibly expect European Christians and Arab Muslims to coexist in the same society, considering that the two faiths and cultures have been at each other's throats for so many centuries. One has to be incredibly naive to believe that they can coexist without any significant conflict.

Let's pray that common sense prevails in the EU on this issue. So far, it's been lacking.


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